With so much experience, our capabilities go beyond the usual!

What We Do

IMP can offer a full service, from enquiry through to product delivery


At IMP, we have full CAD/CAM capabilities utilizing the latest in 2D and 3D software. Our design team have over 20 years experience with the company and can help you turn your visions into a reality.

Water Jet

In 2008, IMP invested in two water jet machines. With efficiency and millimetre precision these machines have the ability to cut complex shapes to suit all of your design requirements.

CNC Machining

As CNC is an industry standard, IMP have utilized this technology for over 20 years, capable of machining your product from one solid block to a finished item.

Die-Cut Pressing

Die cutting is carried out on one of our 3 high speed hydraulic presses. This provides us with the speed and accuracy required to remain extremely competitive. These presses give us the edge, being able to offer the short lead times our customers have come to expect.


The most recent addition to IMP's already impressive machining capabilities, the Laserscript adds the finishing touches to your products. This could be anything from simple number sequencing to a complex logo design.

Foam Assy1


With a dedicated assembly team, we are able to offer you a complete packaging solution. Items can be fully assembled and delivered direct to you door.

Foam Convert 1

Foam Conversion

For over 40 years, IMP have been converting and distributing foam to the UK and Europe. In it's raw state, our stocked foams are produced to standard sheet sizes and thicknesses. However, there are few restrictions with our extensive manufacturing facility. We are also proud to be one of only 8 Zotefoam approved UK foam conversion specialist.

Project Management

As an approved supplier to some of the UK's leading automotive OEM's, we offer a first class professional service, from conceptual designs to manufacturing and delivery.


Flight Case Assembly

In 2018, IMP invested heavily in our production facility to manufacture our own bespoke flight cases. With a number of high profile customers, we are able to offer a robust, durable and cost-effective bespoke flight case, produced fully in house.

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What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for our excellent service and products, see our clients testimonials below:

"IMP have always provided a high standard of products and customer service. This service started from the quoting through to the reliable delivery stage and we look forward to working it them for many years to come"
Scott Aerospace Ltd.