Carry Cases

Market your products in  professional carry cases.

Carry Cases

Why not market your products in professional looking carry cases? Complete with custom made foam inserts to display and protect your products. Inserts can be produced by water jet, CNC machines, Die-Cut or fabrication. They are tailored to fit and bonded into cases of your choice. By selecting the most suitable method of manufacture, for high or low volumes, we ensure the best value for our customers. IMP offer an extensive range of cases, available in many different colours and sizes, which can be screen printed with your logo or product artwork. Internal inserts can be laser etched with part numbers or company logos.

Cases / Inserts / manufacturing

With multiple methods of manufacturing, there are many options to choose from


Wide Range of colours

Water Jet

In 2008, IMP invested in two water jet machines. With efficiency and millimetre precision these machines have the ability to cut complex shapes to suit all of your design requirements.

Peli Case_burned

Design your custom insert

Die Cut

Die cutting is carried out on one of our 3 high speed hydraulic presses. This provides us with the speed and accuracy required to remain extremely competitive. These presses give us the edge, being able to offer the short lead times our customers have come to expect.​


Choose your case

CNC Machining

As CNC is an industry standard, IMP have utilized this technology for over 20 years, capable of machining your product from one solid block to a finished item.


Laser Etching

Our Laserscript is a must have to enable us to add the finishing touches details directly to your products. This could be anything from simple number sequencing to a complex logo design.​


foam Thickness and Colours

We stock our foam in a number of different colour options and thicknesses . Why not make your insert packaging stand out?

Foam Assy1


With a dedicated assembly team, we are able to offer you a complete packaging solution. Items can be fully assembled and delivered direct to you door.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few reasons to chose IMP for all your packaging needs

Cost Effective

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for our excellent service and products, see our clients testimonials below:

"We have traded with IMP for 30+ years which is a testament to the quality of service and products they provide. It is a great advantage dealing with a company that always aims to satisfy their customers’ requirements and deliver on time.​"
Hofbauer UK Ltd

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