Euro Containers

Our containers range from off-the-shelf euro containers to bespoke Correx® containers built to custom sizes to suit your requirements. Any choice of container can be designed with a foam, Correx® textile or PU mould divider / dunnage system.

Euro Containers

Our off-the-shelf products come in a whole range of sizes. Standard footprints being 400×300, x 600×400, 800×600 & 1000×400. There are lots of height variants to choose from. Choose a custom insert from either foam, textile, Correx® or PU/Castellation. We also produce bespoke Correx® containers which can be made to any size.

Bespoke Correx® containers

Designed to suit your specific requirements, our bespoke Correx® containers are a great solution for sizes outside of the standard euro container range. Choose from a variety of colours, hand holes, flush fit labels, extruded stacking plastic rim and much more.


Options / Inserts Available

With multiple methods of manufacturing, there are many options to choose from to maximize protection

Foam Insert

Water jet, CNC or Die-Cut, our foam inserts are tailered to fit your container. We select and agree the most suitable method of manufacture for high or low volumes, ensureing the best value and protection for our customers.

Textile Insert

Textile inserts are the perfect solution for sensitive / painted parts. With a wide range of materials to choose from, we will select the best to suit your part. The inserts can also contain foam, Correx® and much more.

Correx® Dividers

Correx® is a lightweight and durable alternative to cardboard or plastic. We stock various colours and can design these inserts to suit your specific requirements. You can choose to have them removable or retained.

'A' Face EV LAM Dividers

Our EV LAM material is a foam lined plastic board. Widley used for 'A' face, glass, brass and painted parts offering maximum protection.

Lids / Dust Covers

As an optional extra to any container, our manufactured lid / dust covers can be added to prevent debris and dust falling into the insert. Choose from plastic, nylon or A face evolon.


PU & Foam Castellation

PU or Polyurethane Moulding is a robust and durable plastic which will hold your parts securely into a container. These castellations can also be made from foam to offer softer protection.

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